This blog is for all things Alexander Skarsgard.

I do not know him. I'm just a very appreciative fan. None of these images/videos/media is intended for copyright infringement. Just for the enjoyment of fellow fans!

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is for…come on guys do you even have to guess…OVERBITE!!! This is one of the things I think gives him so much personality. He’s obviously had veneers put on but I still think his teeth and smile look natural! Love it!

is for his long and sultry NECK. I wouldn’t leaving a few marks of my own on it. Maybe its because it holds up his sexy face or it leads straight down to his beautiful chest…whatever the reason. It’s one of my favorite things about him!

is for his mind.

I don’t really have any pictures, but Alex seems like a really smart guy. He comes across as very intelligent even if slightly goofy in interviews. There are numerous pics floating around of him with books that aren’t exactly ‘LIGHT’ reading. I think he has a plan for his career and he is going about it in the right way, which is something to be said for his intelligence level compared to many other actors in Hollywood these days. I think by keeping himself grounded (which he often references in interviews) he will have a really long career in an industry where your only as good as your last project!

*I know the last two are form photo shoots just wanted to throw in some eye candy for you to enjoy anyway*

is for lips.

Alex’s lips are the perfect size and color!!!! I feel like he would be an amazing kisser. I love that the shape of them has just enough pout to them! I love that his bottom lip is fuller than his top lip (as it should be *wink*) and that the two peaks of his top lip are perfect!

is for knees. 

Yes, I think knees are sexy.

is for Jaw. I would personally love to run my tongue along his jaw line. (By now you should all realize Im a freak!)

Alex’s jaw is perfectly chiseled and strong and full of yummy!

Now for my personal faves: SIDE JAW!

is for his beautiful pelvic Indentions (or pelvic bone whatever you want to call it….I have called them indentions for years)

is for his headgear! Now hats are not Alex’s accessory of choice for the most part, but when he does wear them…boy DOES He! All different types too!






*I couldn’t find a picture of this one from the front!

And more that I honestly don’t know what their called!

So hats off to you Mr. Alexander Skarsgard for being an A+ hat wearer!

is for Alex’s Facial Expressions.

I swear you never get the same face twice with this Hunk.

I honestly couldn’t choose today!

is for eyes


*lip biting*

And honorable mention goes to ASkars Ears!


I think hes ears are adorable!!!! I imagine what it would be like to grab a hold of them if I ever were to kiss him (I’m not a freak I promise!)

is for that devilish grin that makes our hearts melt!

 is for chin!

I think Alex’s cleft chin is adorable!!! It even earned a spot in his ‘trademark’ section on IMDB!

 is for bearded Skarsgard!

I think he is sexy pretty much with any look, but my personal favorite is when he has a beard!!!! 

So here is a Skarsgard beach appreciation pic spam!

I decided to list all the things I love about Alexander Skarsgard by using the alphabet!!! Join in with me. I’d love to know what others love about our favorite Swede!!!

 is for adams apple

I think the way his adam’s apple moves when he laughs is so hott!!!!